By working with The Closet Builder, you will get a custom temporary wall that enables you to keep your privacy, but without stretching your budget. And with these non-damaging temporary walls, your landlord will remain happy, and once it's removed, there will be no sign a divider or partition was ever installed in your NYC home.


The Closet Builder will handle every facet of installing the divider or room partition in your NYC home, and the process will not come any easier for you. You will find the divider we install will stay in place, and will make your NYC living space much more of a pleasure.


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New York City Room Dividers

Room Dividers - Office Partition Walls

Room dividers are an important asset to have in any New York City home or apartment. A custom room divider turns one room into two without damaging the structure in any way. It's a great way to turn your one-bedroom New York City apartment into two, and the walls are temporary and can be moved at any time.

Why room dividers in NYC?

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